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'Fuck it, I’ll do it my way. And people who love me will understand why I’m doing it because they love me. Fuck it.'

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For a long time, I hesitated to post this picture of Cole Mohr, I shot last Fashion Week after his very last show. Probably because I love it too much. But today it’s both of us birthdays, so I used that like an opportunity to share this picture with you, one of my favorite.
Credit : Boutayna Fartale

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i’ve only done it a few times, but smoking at 4am, with your head out the window, smelling the fresh morning breeze and savoring the rare moment of uninterrupted silence just before the sun comes up is probably one of the most relaxing and underrated things in the world
Truly love this feeling 

One word: love.

We all get addicted to something that takes away the pain.